The Art of Mischief

April 1 – 30, 2016         Opening Reception:  Friday, April 1, 7-10pm 

The “ART OF MISCHIEF” combines dreamlike imagery, abstract works and live performance to present multiple communications of ancient tales which provoke, engage and charm.  The contrasting nature of these presentations serves to illuminate facets of the truths found in stories which survive passing time and evolving cultures and remain relevant to us all. 

About Cynthia Johnson:  Cynthia Johnson is a full time studio artist based in Los Angeles.  Inspired by nature, science, mystery, internal experiences and human relationships, Cynthia’s abstract work is layered and textured and gives voice to unconscious themes as it provokes cognizant awareness via color and construction.  She is interested in “ways of seeing” and “forms of communicating” which both utilize and transcend paint and language. 

About Philip Carrera:  Philip Carrera is a Los Angeles-based artist whose latest project ‘The Art of Mischief: Illustrating the World’s Most Notorious Troublemakers, Vol. 1’ has been recognized by ‘The Getty Iris’ and The Pasadena Weekly. The first, of a seven volume series, ‘The Art of Mischief’ comprises of twenty paintings revolving around twenty stories gathered from around the globe. Through dreamlike imagery, Philip Carrera’s work stimulates your imagination, connects you with the past, and invites you to join him in celebrating the worlds of fairy tales, myth and folklore. 

Performance Artists:  Alexus Rhone, David Eppley, Davis Chris, Isadora O’Boto, Katrina Joll, Shanel Moore 

LosJoCos Studio Gallery 213-221-7744

April 2016:  Gallery is OPEN Thursdays, 11a-7p and by appointment