Hearsay: Artists Reveal Urban Legends includes over 35 artists who have created artwork based on an urban legend with special significance to them. Each work will be accompanied by text explaining the artist’s personal connection to their chosen urban legend. Urban legends serve as our modern day mythology. Based on cultural traditions and morality tales, these stories prey upon our collective fears and provoke strong, emotional responses. Traditionally, in order for these legends to survive, a mix of text and imagery was used in storytelling, heightening the power of the legend as it passed down through generations. More recently, the Internet has encouraged the rapid dissemination of these modern legends, many of which can be traced back to the original folklore that inspired them. The purpose of the exhibition is not to illustrate urban legends, but to analyze them in conjunction with each artist’s own subjective viewpoint resulting in a shared experience between artist and audience. Artists include: Llyn Foulkes, Naida Osline, Victoria Reynolds, Jim Shaw, Jeffrey Vallance, Marnie Weber, Chris Wilder, and Robert Williams. The exhibition will incorporate a wide range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography and video, in order to capture the essence of each urban legend.

PUBLICATION:   A catalog is available for this exhibition, published through Grand Central Press. Author  and urban legends expert Jan Brunvand, and art writers Tyler Stallings, Doug Harvey, and  Mat Gleason will contribute essays. The catalog also includes essays by both curators as well  as full color images of the artwork and short statements from each artist discussing their work  in the exhibition.