Peter Greco is one of America’s most experienced practitioners in the art of traditionally inspired, hand crafted lettering and typography. His continuous exploration and passion has enabled him to reach beyond design into the realm of fine art. Immediately after high school Peter Greco found employment at a top Manhattan architectural firm doing: detail drafting, model making, interior super-graphics and exterior signage systems. Turning to graphic design while specializing in typography he graduated from New York’s School of Visual Arts in 1977. He then worked for International Typeface Corporation’s Photo-Lettering, designing alphabets, composing and editing type. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1979, where he has resided ever since. His successful freelance career includes projects for: CBS Records, Motown Records, Warner Bros. Music The Los Angeles Times, NBC Television, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Disney Corporation, Sony Pictures and Lucas Film. Peter has received awards of excellence from: The NY and LA Type Directors Club, Society of Illustrators, Print Design Annual, and Graphis International. While residing in the LA arts district he was a founding member of the Downtown Artists Development Association and the Concerned Artists Action Group. His work has been exhibited in various art galleries in the Los Angeles area. In addition he has created an authentic body of Renaissance manuscript art as a library exhibit and as a graphic novel. For the past eight years he has been an instructor of Expressive Typography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he also teaches a calligraphy workshop.


Peter Greco has become “TOLTEC” (Man of Knowledge), the unparrelled, Supreme Master Warrior of typographic art in the history of the world.  As TOLTEC, the Calligraffitti King, he rules the streets as rightful Overlord and Exemplar.  No other “Writer” can dare claim his level of hard-won credibility, depth of commitment, expertise, passion or power.  To view Peter’s artwork is to witness a fierce form of honor and a lost nobility that is hidden but innate in all human souls.  For TOLTEC, creating art means warring against ignorance, where letters stand in pride for what is best in ourselves and in society.  His writing is a battle of life and death, each stroke a flash of the sword that fosters hope, glory and wisdom for the benefit of all beings.