Cynthia Johnson's studio is based in Carrizozo, New Mexico, USA. Inspired by nature, science, mystery, internal experiences and human relationships, Cynthia’s abstract work is layered and textured and gives voice to unconscious themes as it provokes cognizant awareness via color and construction. She is interested in “ways of seeing” and “forms of communicating” which both utilize and transcend paint and language.


"My abstract work is about layers, texture and context … Painting can become my voice when what I hope for reaches beyond what my vocabulary can transmit … For me, great art communicates feelings and helps to shape thoughts; it has the power to bring to the surface and articulate deep, unformed stirrings and spark conscious expression ... I am also passionate about spoken and written words ...  We all “paint” with words everyday, creating a verbal landscape of beauty or destruction…  I sometimes find it easier to express a feeling with paint and canvas. Other times, I find the perfect words … I paint from a very personal place and the physical process of completion grants a sort of satisfaction … after which I love how each viewer sees the work from their own perspective and interprets it from their individual space."